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sales team improving their sales

Want to easily grow your sales pipeline and improve conversion rates?

Improve Your Sales 
3-day Short Course


Sales Is A Journey Of Incremental Steps

The only way to improve your sales process, is to continually look for ways to incrementally improve. At Value Based Sales, we do not believe in quick fix solutions that promise overnight success. We believe in the power of additive impact of incremental steps….

How do you create a Culture of incremental improvement?

By letting us expose your teams to the techniques used by the best sales teams in the world.

Topics covered

What can you expect when you participate in this short course?

Throughout the course, our team will cover critical sales topics and share practical expert advice that is designed to guide and inspire you and your team to improve your own sales processes.


Speak to your prospect in a way that gets their attention – Building a Successful Sales Message


Opening Keynote defines what a customer driven sales message is and how to go about defining yours in words that speak to the needs of the customer.  Principles of: “attention first, then retention”, “you vs we”, and “high fives” are embedded.  Break-out discussions focus on your company's (and others’) sales message – and how to strongly entrench it across your business as a start.


Speak to your prospect in a way that gets their attention – Building a Successful Sales Message continued 


Opening Keynote reminds you of the importance and differentiation achieved by ensuring your sales message is centred around the customer.  Then we review and discuss the high level messaging you have derived for your business, using the principles established during topic one.


Bullet Points Don’t Work - the secret of using animation and visualization in presentations


Opening Keynote speaks to the power of presentations that customers can relate to, understand and retain the message.  Why are bullet points distracting from you landing your message and how can you build impactful presentations that help your message stand out from the pack.  Break-out discussions focus on practicing the “attention first, then retention” principle and simplifying a message by visualizing and animating it.

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Also available inhouse

Our Unique Approach To Driving Exponential Sales Growth Consists of 5 Elements


Interactive practical exercises


By working through practical examples and exercises, and then collectively sharing and discussing outcomes, you are better able to grasp concepts that you can apply to your own sales environment.


Coaching to Learn


The best way to create new behaviors is to identify and encourage (or praise) the behaviors we seek.  This approach is followed in a positive way to make learning non-threatening and more rewarding – an approach that can be taken back and used in the office too.


Principles Based-Learning


It's much easier to adopt something when you understand the basis upon which the learning is formed. Sales Principles based on the psychology of sales are discussed and debated as a way to embed an understanding that can be applied in multiple forms in the workplace.


In-depth fireside chat with topic experts


It's much easier to attempt something when you can talk to someone who's done it before. These firesides significantly increase the chance that ideas are turned into action.


WhatsApp / Discord / Slack used for 24/7 idea sharing

We don't mind which chat channel your company prefers to use. We just want to encourage your teams to chat. We will set up a chat channel on your preferred platform, so the ideas can continue rolling 24/7.

Why does this approach work?

In a nutshell we are successful at driving sales growth, not because of what we share, but because of how we share it.

We don’t profess to have new sales secrets that cannot be accessed anywhere apart from us.

Sales is sales. It’s a science. It’s a process. It’s an Art. It’s all of these things.

But the best of the best sales teams are continually curious about how to improve.

We help you to create that desire to experiment and learn by focusing on short, interactive interventions over a 3-day period.

And when you have those eureka moments, we are able to help you turn those ideas into actions.


What Results Should My Company Expect from The Improve Your Sales Short Course?

You will achieve the following for your organisation by building attending the short course


A clear message that meets the customer's demands

You will develop a clear messaging framework that demonstrates your value from the customer’s perspective i.e. the value that they derive, and how that is supported (proven) by features you possess.


A stepped sales process that allows you to measure what is meaningful


You will start developing a customised, detailed, stepped sales process that allows for quality control, oversight and measurement.  These steps will be followed by your sales team allowing you to develop good data from which to enhance processes and measure success pro-actively.


Enhanced conversion rate I.E SELL MORE!


Ultimately, you will enhance your conversion rates and adopt a data led sales environment/culture.  Conversion rates should not be below 25%, with 50% targeted in a mature environment.


Less wasted time by ensuring a focus on your best opportunities 


You will identify defined segmentation and pre-qualification criteria with specific go/no go filters - to ensure you focus on your best possible opportunities for success, thereby minimizing wasted time.


Empowered sales staff who understand and adopt the right principles day-to-day


You will employ a training framework for new and existing sales staff that supports continuity and scale as you grow your business.  The training will be based on specific principles that allow you to gain the customers’ attention and ultimately the retention of your message.


Who is this course suited for?

Sales executives who want to sell more, by reducing unfruitful prospecting, maximizing conversion rates and developing sales professionals that carry their organization’s brand with passion and sell with purpose

Sales professionals who want to be, not just the top sellers, but engage meaningfully to ensure they are adding value to your customer


CEOs wanting to ensure that they have a sales capability that is customer centric, pro-active, and efficient, thereby maximizing their organization’s potential for growth

CFOs wanting to make sure that they measure meaningful data, and can forecast with reasonable accuracy and, most importantly, comfort in the numbers

Participating in this course will help you and your teams develop a common, sustainable way of thinking, that is customer centric, outcomes focused, and built on a foundation of continued, measurable improvement.

Don't take our word for it.
Hear what our clients are saying...

PRAVESHEN WEB_edited.jpg

“The Value Based Sales approach of building a sales culture has assisted us in developing a Value Creation unit where decisions are now based on factual data, driven by processes that we have implemented. Our message is clearer than before and more client centric.  We have developed an ethos of wanting to constantly strive for improvement and setting higher goals for ourselves.  It’s become part of who we are!”


Pravashen Pillay
Managing Executive: Value Creation

Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria


“Creating a disciplined sales culture within a business, that sustains itself as you grow, is not easy.  The Value Based Sales approach allows you to always have a single version of the truth, avoiding gaps in communication between management and sales teams.”

Harm Mannack

Business Consultant and Former CEO: KeenCorp


“Having a disciplined sales culture is often the difference between success and mediocrity.  Articulating your value as a benefit to the customer in terms that “speak” to them, is critical in a world where competitors too often speak the same language.  Building rigorous sales processes is also too often ignored by organisations to their peril and creates unfortunate voids between management and sales people.”

Andrew Darfoor

Business Investor and Non-executive Director


“I’ve seen the benefit of implementing the Value Based Sales methodology first-hand.  

Is well worth the investment.”

Tony Powis

Chairman, Non-executive Director and Advisor


“I was very impressed with the approach adopted by Value Based Sales right from the onset.  I think it’s the value of continuous improvement and seeking greater efficiencies like shorter closing times, pre-qualification of prospects etc.  Highly recommended.”

Dale Guild

Co-founder: Baker Street Analytics

Already decided that you want to enrol yourself and your team?

Course Details and Fees

R 14 999.99

per participant

Course Dates:

6, 7, 8 February 2024


Sandton, Johannesburg


Also available inhouse

With years of experience in selling, here are five TOP TIPS that we have learned over the years 

Go/No Go = less wasted time

All good sales environments need a strong research, data collection and process monitoring platform i.e. a sales enablement function

Coach, don’t manage by “carrot/stick”

Sales Governance meetings are to have purpose and be led by data analysis

Incentivise activity, not just outcomes

Want to view the full list of tips?

Whether you have already decided to enrol yourself and your team or if you just want to find out more, lets talk.

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