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Through our consulting offering, we help you improve your sales process thus ensuring that it leads to increased sales and less wasted time


Bespoke consulting services 

We provide sales culture advisory services by way of consulting arrangements to establish a culture of selling.  All consulting services are bespoked for each customer and focus on your specific circumstances, material, people and processes.  These consulting interventions are your best possible way to achieving maximum impact as quickly as possible.   

We assist in two ways. Firstly by assessing your current sales pipeline/prospects and making recommendations to improve your sales capability, or secondly, we can assist you in implementing improvements in your sales environment to ultimately achieve higher sales, including the training and development of your sales people.

In summary, you will achieve:

A client message that gets to the heart of why clients should use you

Processes within your sales environment that will create accountability, transparency and honesty in your relationship with your sales team

Data out of your sales environment that will allow you to make informed decisions

The ability to train sales staff based on these processes and assess them more fairly

Ultimately, you will SELL MORE!

Our real-life cases

Here are some real-life experiences (case studies) of organisations that have followed our approach.  The approach (and psychology/processes behind it) are helpful to businesses of all kinds.  It allows the business to create a culture of continuous (and targeted/measured) improvement which makes it more than an intervention, but rather a sustainable way of doing things. 

The reality is that sales is both an art and a science and these can be developed, trained, learned etc.  But nothing is any good without results...this is how it has helped others/how they have experienced the benefits:



A South African Investment Management firm 

By reviewing and properly pre-qualifying their pipeline, conversion rates jumped from 20% to 60%. Why?  They were trying to sell to people who would never buy.  This created in excess of 50% capacity for them to either focus on better prospects or reduce costs.



A higher education provider

Implementing the architecture increased their conversion rates from 25% to 37% in one year.  Their budget for the coming year is now 100% above 2 years ago, of which nearly 40% has already been achieved by way of advanced sales.



AI Software-as-a-Service provider 

After raising several rounds of investment off the back of their unique proposition and a “strong pipeline”, shareholders/management requested an assessment of their sales capability as cash flow hadn’t lived up to promises.  Applying the architecture, it was evident that their actual, honest pipeline expectation is no greater than 5% of what they had been “sold”.



Small SA based investment consultant/investment-manager 

After being requested to do a full initial 2 month business assessment, the business is now implementing the architecture to help boost sales and create transparency on prospecting.  The funding shareholder has now requested that the same be done across all their Group’s subsidiaries.

In essence, the Sales Culture consulting approach empowers management and sales teams to be more purposeful and target continuous improvement.  It includes training of necessary team members and the setting up of objective, activity-based measures/reporting.

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