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After years of experience heading up sales teams, we have come to appreciate that sales is both an art and a science. Sales, like many other technical skills, is also a skill that can be taught and learnt. By applying tried-and-tested steps to incremental improvement, we can help you improve your ability to sell. With our expert guidance, we will expose you and your teams to the techniques used by the best sales teams in the world.

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Leon Greyling


After 28 years of sales and business management experience, predominantly in the financial services sector, I chose to take my experience and learnings and package it in a useful and unique program to teach and help develop sales professionals and businesses all around the world, through 


I am also a co-creator of Collective Action, a European private markets impact platform, COO of the ICTS Group of Companies, and Marketing Manager of IJKA SA.

I am an Alumnus of Harvard Business School and a part-time faculty member at GIBS Business School.


In my 25 year corporate career, I was CEO of Alexander Forbes Investments, Momentum Outcome-based Solutions, Deputy CEO of Sygnia, Marketing Director of Investment Solutions, and Managing Director Alexander Forbes Asset Consultants.

Leon +27 82 464 5786

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Sharlee Ruthman


I am a sales and marketing strategist who is passionate about the top and bottom line, and everything else in between.


With years of experience heading up sales and marketing teams, I have a deep understanding of the levers that can be used to drive business growth, and sales is just one of the levers, but a critical lever nonetheless. I take a holistic approach to improving organisational performance and culture setting because the value that is promised to clients should ultimately be the value, and more, that is delivered and it takes more than just client-facing teams to achieve this.


I also believe that the sales profession is one of the most critical positions within an organisation and is often undervalued and underrated. I have dedicated my career to elevating the importance of sales functions in organisations and professionalsing them to cement them as key contributors to overall organisational success and growth. 

Sharlee +27 83 589 1601

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